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Commercial Insurance

Protect your biggest assets, your business and it's employees.  Every business is different and every insurance policy should be different too!  Not every business will need the same type of coverage, but we are here to help. 

We will find the right coverage for you, including, workers compensation, cyber insurance, and even surety bonds. We also offer Directors and Officers Liability coverage.

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Commercial Auto

Next to your business structure and it's employees the most important thing you have is your transportation.  If you have a fleet of vehicles or just a few, we will find your the best coverage for your needs. 

We have the ability to quote both local and national insurance companies and work with them to ensure that you have the coverage you need.  We also offer coverage if you use your vehicle as a ride share employee. 

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Sports & Clubs

It is important that your organization is protected from your players to your end of the season banquets.  Our policies include The Business Resource Center, which allow organizations to perform background checks, concussion training, simple waivers of liability & more. 

Coverage available for youth and adult levels, as well as, tournaments, camps and clinics in some cases. 

Non-Profit organizations use the majority of their funding towards their mission.  It is not uncommon that these organizations have a board of directors, office location, volunteers, and host fundraising events.  Our non-profit coverage protects your organization's staff, volunteers, assets, and events. 

Non-Profit Coverage

Some Industries That We Cover...

Health & Beauty

Salons & Spas

Essential Oil Sellers

Medical Practices

Life Coach & Consultants 


General Contractor


  Plumbing & Heating Specialists 





Baseball & Softball




Music Teachers

Professional Coaches

Business Consultants