Volunteers for a Non-Profit smiling and laughing outside

Non-Profit Insurance

Most 501(c)3 organizations overlook the need for proper insurance coverage.  It is not uncommon that organizations host fundraisers and events to raise funding for their causes and event insurance is a must have!  Not only do most policies offer coverage for these, but they also provide coverage for all areas of the non-profit including general liability.  

Some Non-Profits That We Cover...


At-Risk Youth Centers

Substance Abuse Clinics & Rehabs

Anxiety & Stress Counseling 

Adult & Child Care Centers

Parental Education Centers


Animal Shelters & Rescues

Community Outreach & Centers

Food Banks & Soup Kitchens

Thrift Stores 

Historical Societies 

Religious Centers

Houses of  Worship

Bible Study Group

Temples of all faith

Youth Groups

Campus Structures 


Business Membership Groups

Chamber of Commerce

Professional Associations

Trade Associations

Board of Directors 


Condominium Associations

Homeowners Associations

Townhome Associations

Private Community Associations

Youth Programs

After School Programs

Big Brother & Big Sister

Youth Mentoring Programs

Youth Clubs & Sports


Booster Clubs


Support Groups

Parent-Teacher Organizations

Social Clubs

Fraternal Groups

Cultural Groups

Veterans Organizations

Military Social Groups